Monthly Archives: September 2013

barVolo’s got the funk, Cantillon’s got the (branding) flava

We came for the Zwanze, we stayed for the 30-some-odd funky and sour beers available on tap. barVolo, Toronto’s watering-hole of choice for the local craft beer community, was given the special honour of hosting a Cantillion Zwanze Day Sept. 14. The bar was one of 46 selected worldwide to serve the rare beer. Two […]

Branders, brewers and artists collaborate to launch Collective Arts Brewing

The Brewery: Collective Arts Brewing Mention “culture” in craft beer circles and you’re likely to get an elaborate earful about yeast and fermentation. Thanks to the two creatives behind the recently launched Collective Arts Brewing, however, culture and craft beer are fused together under the clever guise of a six-pack turned art gallery. Inspired by their […]

Waltzing Goose Island’s Matilda… And Sofie too.

The Brewery: Goose Island Goose Island has been a fixture of the Chicago, Illinois craft beer scene since 1988, when its founder John Hall opened his first brewpub in the city. Hall’s mandate was to produce a variety of beer styles largely unheard of in the Midwest, where macro-brewed beer was the norm, and consumers […]

What does a girl need to do to get a drink around here?

The harvest marks the end of the growing season, but also the beginning of bounty – and in this case bounteous amounts of beer, which is always a good thing. While craft beer is a true labour of love, it’s not often brewers will spend the hours it takes to handpick hops, adding them afterward […]