Good Morning Mr. Fischer

The sun has set on Oktoberfest.

The 16-day festival wrapped up earlier this month, leaving revelers with fond (yet faded) memories, and their souvenir steins to relive the Deutsche-inspired debacle.

My husband and I were recently gifted a pottery stein from his parents in Australia.

This particular jug has seen many pints. It originally came from Europe, before finding a home on Edward Hordern’s (my husband’s great-great grandfather) mantle in Australia.

Edward Hordern was the youngest son of Anthony Hordern, who founded Anthony Hordern & Sons in Sydney, which at one time was the largest department store in the world. The senior Hordern established the company in the 1820s, and it thrived for about a century.

Family heirloom: This beer stein has traveled the distance -- from Europe to Australia, and now on our bar in Canada.

Family heirloom: This beer stein has traveled the distance, from Europe to Australia, and now to our bar in Canada.

The stein has been passed on through five generations, finding its way to Canada, where it now sits on our bar. It is believed to pre-date the 1930s and once held a hinged lid, as traditional steins do. (Pewter lids were introduced in the Middle Ages as a post-plague precaution).

Featured on the jug are two armoured soldiers with steins of their own, who are locked in a gaze. The inscription on the stein is curious but cheery. In German, it reads:

 “When you say nothing at all, drink beer, don’t worry, go and drink and sing. Good Morning Mr. Fischer.”

We haven’t a clue who Mr. Fischer was. He may have been an uptight German in need of some good advice and a cold brew. I’d like to think, however, he was a happy-go-lucky gent who fancied a good tipple in the morning.




  1. That is great that you received this fabulous gift along with it’s interesting history.

  2. What a fine stein!

    That precautionary plague measure got me thinking… if I add a pewter lid to my coffee mug at the office will it keep the flu away this season?

    1. You may need to quit your day job grassigirl… That’s a fine idea! Patent it and take it to the Dragon’s Den! 😛

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