Monthly Archives: December 2013

The Goose Island ladies: products of a brand acquisition done right

Lolita is lovely… And so are Juliet, Gillian and Halia. And while the Goose Island ladies all share a common ingredient –  ripe summer fruit – a Bud Light Lime-A-Rita (or Straw-Ber-Rita if you prefer) doesn’t come close to the flavours of these fine beers. I’ve written about the Goose Island gals before.  In fact, […]

Chi-Town beer and bites

It’s hard to not stumble upon quality craft beer and tasty edibles in Chicago. The Windy City is a prime location for both food and drink. Even so, it doesn’t hurt to know where you’re going – especially if your final destination guarantees good eats and even better libations. From day-drinking snacks to a sousy brunch […]

The pretzelace: a twist on the classic beer and food combo

It goes without saying, a soft and salty pretzel is the perfect accompaniment to a refreshing pint of suds. While beer is among the oldest beverages humans have produced (think ancient Egypt), the doughy, knot-shaped pretzel also has a notable, but hazy, history. Early pretzel poppers probably drank a lot of beer. Although the origin […]