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Chicago beer festival rolls out barrels, hospitality

As rain fell outside of Chicago’s Bridgeport Art Centre, a growing line of anxious craft beer enthusiasts meandered across the parking lot with no end in sight. We had scoured the Internet for months to secure five tickets to the eleventh annual Festival of Wood and Barrel-aged Beer (FoBAB). Back in August, the tickets sold […]

Toronto festival taps into cask beer trend

A cask beer revival has been taking place in the U.K. for several decades now. And if the turnout at this year’s Cask Days is any indication, it’s becoming more popular on this side of the pond too. More than 4,500 people flocked to North America’s largest cask beer festival at Toronto’s Evergreen Brick Works […]

Breweries seize the stein to boost brands

Oktoberfest is more than an opportunity for craft breweries to celebrate all things Deutschland. The yearly event is also a chance to market memorable experiences to consumers. Oktoberfest events raise brand awareness, boost brand loyalty, and create brand keepsakes in the form of oversized steins. Below are three Ontario craft breweries that seized the Oktoberfest […]

Good Morning Mr. Fischer

The sun has set on Oktoberfest. The 16-day festival wrapped up earlier this month, leaving revelers with fond (yet faded) memories, and their souvenir steins to relive the Deutsche-inspired debacle. My husband and I were recently gifted a pottery stein from his parents in Australia. This particular jug has seen many pints. It originally came […]

barVolo celebrates 25 years, and counting…

barVolo recently celebrated 25 years of business among industry friends and loyal patrons. Owner Ralph Morana marked the occasion by collaborating with local brewers to create the evening’s line-up of beers. Quebec’s Trou du Diable contributed to the event with a barVolo 25th Anniversary Ale – a special sour blend. barVolo opened its doors as […]

barVolo’s got the funk, Cantillon’s got the (branding) flava

We came for the Zwanze, we stayed for the 30-some-odd funky and sour beers available on tap. barVolo, Toronto’s watering-hole of choice for the local craft beer community, was given the special honour of hosting a Cantillion Zwanze Day Sept. 14. The bar was one of 46 selected worldwide to serve the rare beer. Two […]

Branders, brewers and artists collaborate to launch Collective Arts Brewing

The Brewery: Collective Arts Brewing Mention “culture” in craft beer circles and you’re likely to get an elaborate earful about yeast and fermentation. Thanks to the two creatives behind the recently launched Collective Arts Brewing, however, culture and craft beer are fused together under the clever guise of a six-pack turned art gallery. Inspired by their […]