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The Goose Island ladies: products of a brand acquisition done right

Lolita is lovely… And so are Juliet, Gillian and Halia. And while the Goose Island ladies all share a common ingredient –  ripe summer fruit – a Bud Light Lime-A-Rita (or Straw-Ber-Rita if you prefer) doesn’t come close to the flavours of these fine beers. I’ve written about the Goose Island gals before.  In fact, […]

Chi-Town beer and bites

It’s hard to not stumble upon quality craft beer and tasty edibles in Chicago. The Windy City is a prime location for both food and drink. Even so, it doesn’t hurt to know where you’re going – especially if your final destination guarantees good eats and even better libations. From day-drinking snacks to a sousy brunch […]

The pretzelace: a twist on the classic beer and food combo

It goes without saying, a soft and salty pretzel is the perfect accompaniment to a refreshing pint of suds. While beer is among the oldest beverages humans have produced (think ancient Egypt), the doughy, knot-shaped pretzel also has a notable, but hazy, history. Early pretzel poppers probably drank a lot of beer. Although the origin […]

The Aviary shakes up the craft cocktail industry to create buzz

After a steady diet of beer in Chicago, we decided it was time for a break. So naturally, we hit up a cocktail lounge. The Aviary had us at cocktail tasting menu. Located in the city’s Fulton Market meatpacking district, the Aviary is part of Chef Grant Achatz’s world-class restaurant empire. Achatz is the culinary force behind three Michelin-starred […]

Chicago beer festival rolls out barrels, hospitality

As rain fell outside of Chicago’s Bridgeport Art Centre, a growing line of anxious craft beer enthusiasts meandered across the parking lot with no end in sight. We had scoured the Internet for months to secure five tickets to the eleventh annual Festival of Wood and Barrel-aged Beer (FoBAB). Back in August, the tickets sold […]